Tesla app update introduces ‘Drive on Sunshine’ and other new features

Credit: Tesla Inc.

Tesla has updated its phone app to version 4.19, bringing “Drive on Sunshine” among other new features.

One of the best features of owning a Tesla is its fantastic app integration, which allows for exceptional control and customization of your driving experience. On top of that, the company continually adds new features to its software offering, ensuring that owners always have the best experience possible. Now, Tesla has updated its app once again, bringing features like “Drive on Sunshine,” improved charging information, and a new section for non-Tesla charging membership.

The most prominent new feature on the app is “Drive on Sunshine,” which allows Tesla Solar owners to charge their Tesla vehicles only on the solar energy they produce. This reduces the cost of charging significantly and improves the overall power efficiency of charging your vehicle. This new feature could be one of the most helpful for owners looking to continue reducing their carbon footprint.

The other improvements to vehicle charging are the added details that are now included in the app. This includes an indicator for when the vehicle’s battery heater has been engaged and an indicator of how much battery is “lost” to colder temperatures, giving owners a better idea of how much range they can expect when the vehicle is charged to their desired amount.

Finally, the automaker added a new section in its app settings for non-Tesla charging membership. Along with launching its new Magic Dock at Superchargers in the United States, non-Tesla owners can now sign up for a membership that reduces the cost of charging by roughly a quarter. The membership costs $12.99 per month and can now be managed within the app.

With this app version being 4.19, some expect the next update to be quite significant or, at the very least, funny. But with Tesla continuing to show that it is bringing ever more helpful features to drivers, there is no doubt the app will continue to improve the Tesla ownership experience.

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