Tesla app update allows drivers to purchase major features with credits


In the most recent Tesla app update, drivers are gaining the ability to purchase features for their vehicles and check their “loot box,” among other upgrades.

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Tesla is the updates that continue to streamline the ownership experience and even introduce new features to older vehicles.

A critical part of that ecosystem is the Tesla phone app, which has improved exponentially since its debut. In the most recent update, Tesla owners can spend referral credits on features for their vehicles, explore the credit shop, and check their balance of credits as well.

According to NotATeslaApp, Software Update 4.17 allows drivers to purchase Full Self Driving, Enhanced Autopilot, and Acceleration Boost for their vehicles. The app now also lets you see your “loot box” as part of Tesla’s referral credit program. The Loot Box section lists everything available for purchase with credits, see your credit balance, and share your referral link to earn more credits. Other updates include a new Thai language option and bug fixes.

Tesla’s recently revived referral program allows drivers to purchase features, merchandise, and other accessories, even a Home Charging Wall Connector. The previous iteration of the referral program allowed drivers to purchase more extravagant prizes and even resulted in some taking home free vehicles.

Tesla launches revamped Referral Program with credit system

While Tesla is the first automaker to allow customers to purchase perks like the ones listed above with “credit system,” they are far from the first to start selling features on its app. Toyota vehicle owners can purchase features like remote start, and remote AC controls through the Toyota app. Other manufacturers, like BMW and Mercedes, have even begun to offer subscription plans for features like heated seats and performance upgrades. But with the return of Tesla’s credit system, some have wondered if other automakers will follow as well.

As Tesla is forced to battle within an increasingly competitive EV market, expect the referral program to become a far more important part of the company’s sales strategy. And if customers continue to find it useful or fun, other automakers won’t be far behind.

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Tesla app update allows drivers to purchase major features with credits
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