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Tesla begins selling in New Zealand, Supercharger will connect Auckland with Wellington

Tesla has officially begun accepting online orders for the Model S and Model X from customers in New Zealand. The company says it decided to bring its electric cars to market in New Zealand because of the large number of Model 3 reservations received from residents.

In addition, a number of locals have imported Model S sedans into the country even though there is no charging or service infrastructure to support them at present time. Tesla believes those electric car pioneers are an indication that there is a strong interest in its electric automobiles in New Zealand. Orders received now are expected to result in deliveries as soon as the second quarter of 2017.

The company has confirmed that the first Tesla store and service center in New Zealand will be located in Auckland. Construction of new Supercharger locations along the transportation corridor that connects Auckland with Wellington will support travel between the two major cities situated 300 miles apart.

New Zealand consists of two islands. Auckland is at the northern end of the North Island and Wellington, the country’s capitol, is at the southern end. It is located on the Cook Strait that separates the two islands. Tesla has not announced any plans for selling its products to residents of the South Island as of yet.

By creating a presence in New Zealand, Tesla is fulfilling its goal of bringing sustainable transportation and sustainable energy to the people of the world. Positioned closer to the equator than most of North America, New Zealand benefits from abundant sunshine, which makes it an ideal candidate for solar.

We received the following announcement from a Tesla representative.

Tesla Launches In New Zealand

Starting today, Tesla will be accepting online orders for Model S and Model X vehicles.

Tesla continues to accelerate the world towards a sustainable energy future and is committed to opening new locations around the world to better serve our customer base. 

New Zealand has been chosen as one of the latest expansion markets due to the overwhelming response of Model 3 reservations in the country. This, along with other interest from pioneering owners who have imported Model S vehicles into the market, has highlighted a strong demand for the brand. First orders of the Model S and Model X vehicles are expected to arrive as early as Q2 2017.

Tesla has confirmed Auckland as its first location for a Tesla Store and Service Center, along with a route for Superchargers from Auckland to Wellington, set to open in 2017. These developments will address the growing demand for Tesla vehicles across the New Zealand market.

By combining sustainable transportation and energy products, Tesla continues to accelerate the world towards a more sustainable future.

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