Tesla Bot job postings go live for California and Texas

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla has posted new jobs for its Tesla Bot team on its Careers page. Most of the Tesla Bot jobs are located in California except one located in Austin, Texas. 

A few of the openings have been posted for quite some time. Tesla has been steadily posting jobs for the Tesla Bot team since the project was announced during Artificial Intelligence or AI Day back in August. Most of the new jobs seem to be related to software development for the Tesla Bot, hinting at the company’s progress with the humanoid robot.

The new Tesla Bot jobs are listed below with their responsibilities.

Autonomy – Tesla Bot 


  •   Build, integrate, and deploy real-time state-of-the-art perception models and algorithms into existing system architecture 
  • · Develop online and offline state estimation algorithms by fusing information from cameras, IMUs, and other sensors 
  • · Test and debug your solutions in realistic situations including in customer applications 
  • · Validate and document performance of algorithms and models in real and simulated environments 
  • · Design and build automatic data pipelines that create high quality, unbiased ground truth labels for neural network model training and deployment 
  • · Create robust sensor calibration routines that perform reliably in complex and unpredictable environments 

Software Engineer – Tesla Bot


  • Build a software stack that will control multiple types of mobile robots/vehicles, including Tesla commercial vehicles (M3/MY/Semi), Tesla custom built wheeled indoor robots, other multi degree of freedom robots, and third party mobile robots 
  • Design, extend & review software architecture, and implement on systems through integration, test and real-time deployment 
  • Make performance and optimization trade-offs to meet product requirements 
  • Collaborate and communicate complex technical concepts through quality documentation 
  • Work cross functionally with mechanical, electrical, software, and manufacturing engineering groups 
  • Support the existing software stack and help troubleshoot issues that might occur 

Mechanical Design Engineer – Tesla Bot 


  • Design and optimize joints and structures for mass, stiffness, cost, and manufacturing 
  • Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to create a cohesive and balanced product 
  • Fabricate prototypes, iterate rapidly, advance your concepts through to volume production 
  • Develop specifications and accelerated test plans to validate the product for its determined lifetime 

Embedded Firmware Engineer – Tesla Bot 


  • Research, design, simulate, specify, implement, debug, and test high speed interfacing buses to multi-in/out systems comprising electromechanical actuators and sensors 
  • Efficiently Translate the modeling team’s control loops and algorithms for implementation on computational hardware (available or newly designed) 
  • Work collaboratively with electrical, mechanical, and controls engineers to define throughput requirements, computational system capabilities, and set targets product roadmaps
  • Advance Tesla IP in developing internal high-throughput sensors and actuators networks for new products 

Previously, Tesla posted jobs for other positions in the Tesla Bot team, including the openings listed below. 

  • Mechanical Engineer – Actuator Gear Design
  • Mechanical Enginee – Actuator Integration
  • Senior Humanoid Mechatronic Robotic Architect 
  • Senior Humanoid Modeling Robotics Architect

Tesla appointed Chris Walti as the company’s Manager of the Mobile Robotics team. Walti posted more jobs via his LinkedIn a few months ago. The openings Tesla was looking for back then included a Controls Engineer, Engineering Technicians, and a Test Engineer based in Texas. 

Tesla also posted a few internship positions for the Summer of 2022. Mobile Robotics internships are open for Autonomy, Software Engineering, Controls Engineering, Firmware Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.

As this year comes to an end, the Tesla Bot team will probably be as busy as ever, burning the midnight oil. After all, the Tesla Bot prototype’s release date is expected for 2022. 

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