‘Tesla Bot’ prototype will arrive in 2022, Elon Musk says

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla will launch the “Tesla Bot” prototype in 2022, Elon Musk announced during the Artificial Intelligence Event the company held today at its Palo Alto headquarters.

After jokingly walking out a human in the Tesla Bot uniform, Musk said “Tesla Bot will be real.” Musk detailed some of the tasks that the robot will be able to complete, including grocery runs, picking up household objects, and other everyday commands.

The robot will be 5 feet 8 inches tall and 125 pounds. It will include a screen on the face of the bot to display useful information. Additionally, it will have human-level hands. The extremities operate using 40 electromechanical actuators, with two feet, and force feedback sensing for balance and agility. Musk joked that it may be able to run up to 5 MPH.

The Tesla Bot will also utilize some of the company’s AI devices that are operational on the company’s vehicles. Autopilot cameras will essentially act as the vision for the Tesla Bot, while a Full Self-Driving computer will function as the internal organs of the robot, helping it to operate and function as a productive member of the household. It will utilize mutli-camera video neural networks, identical to what was detailed during the company’s AI Event. Additionally, Neural Net planning, labeling, simulation and tools will also be used to help the Tesla Bot operate effectively and efficiently, while accurately performing tasks.

“For this robot, we’re trying to be as literal as possible: Can it do boring, dangerous, repetitive jobs that people don’t want to do. You know, once you have it do that, maybe it can do other things too…I mean, maybe it could be your buddy, too. I’m sure people will think of some very creative uses,” Musk joked.

The Tesla Bot won’t be available until next year, Musk said, especially as the robot will utilize the Dojo Supercomputer’s training mechanisms to improve functionality. It seems that Tesla’s idea for the robot is to decrease the need to perform tasks by yourself. There will be “no shortage of labor,” Musk said about the future, but physical work will simply be a choice. The Tesla Bot’s purpose could eliminate the need to perform minimal, mindless tasks around the house. “For the Tesla bot it’s going to start with work that is boring and repetitive Basically work that a person would least like to do,” Musk added.

“Things that I think are very hard about having a useful humanoid robot is ‘Can it navigate through the world without being explicitly trained?’ Without explicit line-by-line instructions,” Musk said. “Can you talk to it and say ‘Pick up that bolt, attach it to the car with that wrench. It should be able to do that.”

The development of the robot seems to be a responsibility of Musk’s, especially as the CEO has been critical of AI’s potential power in the past. On an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Musk once warned that AI could become increasingly dangerous if overdeveloped, especially as its mind and memory are terrifically powerful.

Don’t expect to see the Robot on Tesla’s production lines, either. Musk said the parts were there, and Tesla decided to make it. “If we don’t, someone else would, so I guess we should probably make it. And make it safe,” Musk said.

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‘Tesla Bot’ prototype will arrive in 2022, Elon Musk says
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