Tesla China opens Q2 2024 with exports and 1.9k domestic registrations

Credit: WuWa/X

Tesla China seems to be starting the second quarter of 2024 with a focus on vehicle exports. This was hinted at by a rather large fleet of vehicles that are being gathered at the Shanghai Southport Terminal, as well as the company’s low domestic vehicle registrations in April’s first week

Tesla China finished the first quarter as the third-largest player in the country’s New Energy Vehicle (NEV) market, behind Geely and BYD. Over the first quarter, Tesla China sold 132,420 vehicles domestically, down 3.6% year-over-year. In front of Tesla was Geely, whose domestic NEV sales were at 137,452, and BYD, whose domestic NEV sales were at 586,006 units. 

As per industry watchers, Tesla China only saw 1,880 vehicle registrations during the week ending April 7, 2024. This represented an 89.1% week-over-week drop compared to the 17,250 insurance registrations that were tracked in the final week of the first quarter. Interestingly enough, the week ending April 7 also saw Tesla China raising the price of its most popular vehicle, the Model Y, by RMB 5,000 ($690), as noted in a CNEV Post report. 

This does not mean that Tesla China has become idle, however. As could be seen in a recent drone flyover from longtime Giga Shanghai watcher WuWa, a fairly large fleet of Tesla vehicles was being gathered at the Shanghai Southport Terminal in early April. Footage of the area even revealed a pretty good number of Ultra Red Model 3 units, hinting at the premium paint option’s popularity among consumers. 

Data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) has revealed that Tesla China sold 89,064 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in March. From this number, 62,398 were sold domestically, and 26,666 units were exported to foreign territories. Considering the EV maker’s recent activities in the country, it would not be surprising if Tesla China’s exports prove higher this April 2024.

Watch WuWa’s recent video of Tesla China’s export fleet at the Shanghai Southport Terminal below. 

Here is also a drone flyover of the Shanghai Southport Terminal on the first day of Q2 2024. 

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