Tesla China posts 9.8k domestic registrations as May 2024 nears midway point

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla China saw 9,800 new vehicle registrations during the week ending May 12, 2024. While the week of May 6-12 was expected to be a recovery for sorts from the Labor Day holiday on May 1-5, Tesla China nevertheless saw a 10% decrease from the 10,900 units that were registered in the week of April 29 to May 5

Tesla China does not report its weekly sales figures in the domestic Chinese market, though a general idea of the company’s overall performance can be inferred from new vehicle registrations. Fortunately, these registrations are tracked closely by industry insiders. Some automakers such as Li Auto have also taken it upon themselves to share weekly new vehicle registration data. 

And as per Li Auto, Tesla China saw 9,800 insurance registrations last week. This suggests that from May 1-12, Tesla saw 16,900 new vehicle registrations in the local Chinese market, as noted in a CNEV Post report. 

Considering the EV maker’s recent results, it would appear that so far, Tesla China’s numbers are down about 6% year-over-year. That’s quite a bit of an improvement considering that in the week ending April 21, Tesla China’s domestic sales were down 12% year-over-year. And in the week ending April 28, Tesla China’s domestic sales were down 9.5% year-over-year. 

For context, Tesla sold a total of 31,421 units in the domestic Chinese market in April, as per data released by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA). Tesla also sold a total of 62,167 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in April 2024, 30,746 of which were exported to foreign territories. 

While this seems to be quite conservative, the electric vehicle maker may see a rise in domestic sales figures in the coming weeks, especially if Tesla China focuses less on exports and more on fulfilling vehicle orders from within the local market. This was hinted at in a recent drone flyover from longtime Tesla China watcher Wu Wa, who observed that Tesla’s vehicles shipments to the Shanghai Southport Terminal have been paused in recent days. 

Watch a recent drone flyover of Tesla’s vehicles at the Shanghai Southport Terminal in the video below. 

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