Tesla China registrations rebound to 14.8k units in April’s fourth week

Credit: Tesla Asia/X

Tesla China’s new vehicle registrations saw a notable rebound during the week of April 22-28, 2024. Estimates point to the electric vehicle maker seeing 14,800 insurance registrations during the week ending April 28, 2024. That’s a week-over-week improvement of over 180%. 

Tesla China’s registrations this Apri 2024 were quite low, with the week ending April 7 seeing about 1,900 registrations. The week ending April 14 saw around 6,230 registrations, and the week ending April 21 saw about 5,160 registrations. Tesla critics saw these numbers as a sign that demand for the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y may be tempering down, especially since they represented a year-over-year decline compared to the registrations from April 2023. 

Tesla China does not report its weekly sales figures, but a general idea of the company’s overall performance in the domestic Chinese market can be inferred from weekly insurance registrations that are filed for its vehicles. These registrations are closely watched by industry watchers and automakers alike, with companies such as Li Auto sharing registrations regularly.

Even with Tesla China’s 14,800 insurance registrations in the week ending April 28, 2024, industry watchers still note that the current quarter is down about 20% quarter-over-quarter and about 9% down year-over-year. Tesla watchers estimate that so far, Tesla China has seen over 161,000 domestic vehicle registrations with 17 weeks into the year. In comparison, industry watchers tracked Tesla China at over 178,000 registrations during the 17th week of 2023. 

Tesla China’s domestic numbers this year may represent a year-over-year decline, but the company seems to be as busy as ever. Aerial footage of the electric vehicle maker’s operations suggests that exports of the newly-launched Model 3 Performance to foreign territories are underway. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s recent trip to China, where he met with high-ranking officials such as Premier Li Qiang and seemingly laid some groundwork for Full Self-Driving’s (FSD) release in the country, also presented some optimism for the EV maker’s immediate future in the country. 

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Tesla China registrations rebound to 14.8k units in April’s fourth week
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