Tesla China registrations remain soft at 5,160 units in April’s third week

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Tesla China’s domestic registrations still seem quite soft during Q2 2024’s third week. As observed by industry watchers, Tesla China saw 5,160 new vehicle registrations during the week of April 15-21, 2024. The week’s results represent a 17.17% decline from the 6,230 registrations that were tracked in the week ending April 14, 2024

Tesla China does not post its weekly sales figures, though a general idea of the company’s overall performance can be inferred from insurance registrations that are filed for its vehicles. Fortunately, these registrations are tracked by industry watchers and automakers like Li Auto, which has taken it upon itself to post weekly registration results for multiple carmakers on a regular basis. 

And as per Li Auto’s data, Tesla China saw a total of 5,160 registrations in the week ending April 21, 2024. From this number, 4,610 vehicles were reportedly comprised of the Model Y crossover, while 540 were the upgraded Model 3. These results are quite unsurprising considering that a rather large export fleet of upgraded Model 3 sedans has been spotted at the Shanghai Southport Terminal in recent days. 

Tesla China’s domestic Model Y registrations for the week ending April 21, 2024 were just 1% down week-over-week, but Model 3 registrations were down 65% from the 1,550 units that were registered in the week ending April 14, 2024, as noted in a CNEV Post report. It would be interesting to see Tesla China’s domestic results in the coming weeks, considering the rollout of incentives from the company that started this Q2. 

Tesla China sold a total of 62,398 vehicles in March 2023, up 107% from the 30,141 units that were sold in February 2024 but down 18.61% from the 76,663 units that were sold in March 2023. From the 62,398 vehicles that were sold last month, 26,666 were exported to foreign territories. This represented an 11.77% decline from February 2024’s 30,224 exports and a 118.47% increase from March 2023’s 12,206 exports. 

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Tesla China registrations remain soft at 5,160 units in April’s third week
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