Tesla Cybertruck provides emergency charge to Rivian R1S 

(Credit: Kitty Adams Hoksbergen/LinkedIn)

A Tesla Cybertruck recently helped a Rivian R1S on a family road trip with a quick charge for the rest of its journey. 

“My neighbor shared this picture with me. He got an emergency charge on his Rivian R1S by a Tesla Cybertruck on a road trip with his family,” shared Kitty Adama Hoksbergen on LinkedIn. “He is too pissed off at the moment to tell me the story, but I can be he was stranded by an unreliable, third-party CCS.”

The picture shows the Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare technology in action. Powershare provides up to 30kWh per day via bidirectional charging, enabling the Cbyertruck to power a construction site and, yes, even another electric vehicle. 

Hoksbergen is the Executive Director at Adopt a Charger, Inc., a nonprofit organization that aims to expand fee-free electric car chargers through sponsors. Given her career, Hoksbergen seems all too aware of the need for more EV chargers in North America in widely used public places like parks and beaches and along frequently traveled roads and highways—for those long road trips like the one her neighbor was on with his family. 

Besides the need for more EV chargers in North America, there is also the question of which connector will dominate the industry. Before the wide adoption of Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS), the industry seemed to favor the Combined Charging System (CCS) as a standard for charging connectors. However, CCS charging stations have proven unreliable, with customers reporting issues ranging from a lack of internet connection for payments to frequently broken charging stalls. 

As more automakers in North America dive deeper into electric cars, they have started to realize the critical role charging stations play in the industry. With its Supercharger Network, Tesla has the experience to help expand the charging infrastructure in North America. 

Rivian is among the automakers that have announced the adoption of Tesla NACS. In 2024, Rivian R1 owners will receive a free adapter for the NACS plug. By 2025, the company plans to roll out electric vehicles with the NACS charge port as standard.

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