Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare provides up to 30kWh/day

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s Cybertruck has finally hit the streets, and it isn’t playing any games. The Texas-based automaker teased for a long time that the Cybertruck would be equipped with advanced technology, and it did just that with Powershare.

The Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare bidirectional charging provides up to 30kWh per day. The Cybertruck’s Powershare feature may offer less or more power, depending on actual energy usage. 

“Tesla vehicles* equipped with Powershare technology have onboard electronics that unlock your battery to provide power whenever you need it, wherever you are. Whether you need to power a construction site, pre-game tailgate, another electric vehicle, or even your home during an outage, your Tesla vehicle with Powershare has you covered,” stated Tesla. 

Now, other electric vehicles have similar bidirectional charging features. For example, Ford has made its bidirectional charging systems a selling point for the all-electric F-150 Lightning. In 2022, Ford delivered Lightning trucks with a Tesla charging adapter in a cheeky troll on the all-electric car manufacturer. 

Asian automakers have also dabbled in bidirectional chargers. For instance, Kia partnered with Wallbox to provide EV9 owners with bidirectional chargers. The South Korean company plans to provide Wallbox’s Quasar 2 charger to EV9 customers by Q1 2024. 

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Tesla Cybertruck’s Powershare provides up to 30kWh/day
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