Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains FSD V12.4.2 rollout delay

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has provided an update to the highly-anticipated release of Full Self Driving (FSD) V12.4.2. As per Musk, Tesla is still working on the release because the FSD version, while having fewer interventions, still needs to be smoother. 

Musk has made it clear in posts on X that FSD V12.4 is a substantial update to the advanced driver assist suite. In early June, Musk lightly noted on X that the changes are so notable in V12.4 that the update should arguably be called FSD V13. So far, however, Tesla has not released FSD V12.4 to its greater FSD fleet. 

Observations from Tesla watchers indicated that FSD V12.4 was rolling out to select employees in late May, but it was not distributed to the greater fleet of FSD users. The same was true for FSD V12.4.1, which was rolled out to a small number of users in early June. Recent posts from avid Tesla watchers now indicate that FSD V12.4.2 has begun rolling out to Tesla employees.

In a response on X, Musk apologized for the delay in the release of FSD V12.4.2, though he provided quite a bit of context behind the update’s longer-than-expected rollout. As per the CEO, Tesla put too much training on interventions and but not enough on normal driving, which resulted in V12.4.2 needing more smoothness. Musk did note, however, that Tesla’s next-generation AI model after this update is very promising. 

“Sorry for the delay. This release had far fewer interventions, but suffered in driving smoothness. Part of the issue was too much training on interventions and not enough on normal driving. It’s like a doctor training too much on patients in the emergency room vs training on preventative care. 

“Our next-gen AI model after this has a lot of promise: ~5X increase in parameter count, which is very difficult to achieve without upgrading the vehicle inference computer,” Musk wrote on X. 

Tesla’s development of its FSD system is a crucial part of the company’s long-term plans. The dedicated Robotaxi, which is expected to be unveiled this coming August 8, 2024, would be extremely dependent on the capabilities of FSD. It is then quite understandable why Tesla, at least based on Musk’s recent posts on X, seems to be working on ensuring that FSD drives as smoothly as possible. 

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains FSD V12.4.2 rollout delay
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