Tesla Robotaxi unveiling scheduled for August

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The Tesla Robotaxi will be unveiled on August 8, 2024. Elon Musk announced the unveiling after a report claimed that Tesla scrapped plans for its low-cost vehicle, otherwise known as the $25,000 car. 

Reuters recently reported that Tesla had canceled plans to mass-produce its low-cost car, driving TSLA stock down. The publication claimed that Tesla was still developing its self-driving robotaxis, leading many to think that the company would not release a $25,000 car built for driving. Musk quickly denied the publication’s claims.

Previously, Tesla stated that the low-cost car would have a singular design but two functions, with a slight (or big) difference in the interior. The first design is the $25,000 car, built for the mass market, which consumers can buy and drive themselves. 

The $25,000 Tesla car perfectly fits the changing EV market. Many reports talk of a slowdown in EV demand because customers find electric vehicles too expensive and the technology too confusing. Tesla’s $25,000 car will probably address customers’ concerns.

The second design will likely not have a steering wheel as it is built to be truly autonomous. Tesla has made tremendous progress with Full Self-Driving with Version 12. The company is much closer to launching vehicles that don’t require a physical driver now more than ever.

Regardless of its design, however, Elon Musk has also mentioned that Tesla’s Robotaxi fleet will be flexible. He’s talked of Tesla owners being able to add their vehicles to the fleet while at work or when the car is not in use, meaning even vehicles with a steering wheel would be considered a robotaxi. 

Tesla’s Robotaxi unveiling in August will provide a peek into the company’s future and likely clear any doubts about its $25,000 EV.

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Tesla Robotaxi unveiling scheduled for August
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