Tesla rolls out FSD to more testers before 10.69.2

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Multiple Tesla FSD Beta testers reported receiving update Some Beta testers believe Tesla is rolling out to more drivers in the test program to gather more data for v.10.69.2. 

“Another rollout of Full Self-Driving Beta v10.69.1.1 has begun within the last few minutes to ~3-5% more testers,” tweeted Teslascope. The update tracker believes that Tesla will roll out v10.69.1.1 to more users each day until the release of 10.69.2.

Tesla plans to release 10.69.2 later this week. It is expected to roll out to all 100,000 Beta testers. The company initially aimed to release the last update for v10.69 earlier this week, though Elon Musk explained that Tesla still needs more time to polish v10.69.2.

Teslarati readers have a few recommendations for Tesla regarding FSD Beta 10.69. One reader, @korkskrew2, shared three improvements s/he’d like to see in FSD Beta—listed below.

  1. Activate [the] turn signal *before* entering [the] turn lane
  2. Ability to correctly distinguish between merge and exit lanes in city (not highway) situations
  3. Better future planning, i.e., don’t start to pass on the left when your right turns are next.

Another Teslarati reader, @AeroZincs, recommended that Tesla FSD slightly hug the inside edge during a curve instead of the far outer edge. The reader pointed out that sticking to the inner edge would be helpful while driving in the middle of multiple lanes. A few suggested improvements for Smart Summon, too. Some also asked if Tesla would consider permitting the use of YouTube Music and Apple CarPlay soon.

There are still quite a few Beta testers waiting for v10.69 who are eager to test the update. And there are also a lot of people waiting to join the program. 

Have you received Tesla FSD Beta I’d like to hear your first impressions of the update. Contact me at maria@teslarati.com or via Twitter @Writer_01001101

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