Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 release slated for the end of the week

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla plans to release FSD Beta 10.69.2 at the end of the week. Elon Musk explained that the next and potentially final v10.69 version still needs to be polished. He also noted that while v10.69.2 will feature a relatively small number of code changes, their effect to the driving experience will likely be significant.

Tesla will roll out FSD Beta version 10.69.2 to all 100,000 testers. The upcoming version of Tesla’s 10.69 update introduces significant improvements to the advanced driver assist software. 

Tesla released FSD Beta v10.69.1 to 10,000 testers last week. It introduced a few bug fixes to the 10.69 release. One Beta tester tested 10.69.1 through San Francisco’s Lombard Street, known to be one of the most crooked streets in the world. Version 10.69.1 performed well through Lombard Street.

FSD Beta 10.69’s release notes highlighted better turns and smoother driving. It included improved unprotected left turns, or “Chuck Cook Style” unprotected left turns. Tesla also increased the smoothness for protected right turns. 

Tesla made other improvements to make the driving experience smoother. They are listed below. 

  • Improved overall driving smoothness, without sacrificing latency, through better modeling of system and actuation latency in trajectory planning. Trajectory planner now independently accounts for latency from steering commands to actual steering actuation, as well as acceleration and brake commands to actuation. This results in a trajectory that is a more accurate model of how the vehicle would drive. This allows better downstream controller tracking and smoothness while also allowing a more accurate response during harsh manevuers.
  • no relevant objects present and also improves yielding position when they are present.
  • Reduced false slowdowns near crosswalks. This was done with improved understanding of pedestrian and bicyclist intent based on their motion.
  • Enabled creeping for visibility at any intersection where objects might cross ego’s path, regardless of presence of traffic controls.
  • Improved accuracy of stopping position in critical scenarios with crossing objects, by allowing dynamic resolution in trajectory optimization to focus more on areas where finer control is essential.
  • Reduced latency when starting from a stop by accounting for lead vehicle jerk.

Tesla already raised the price of FSD Beta to $15,000 on September 5. The company expected to raise the price once v 10.69 rolled out to all Beta testers. However, Tesla still needs to refine 10.69.2 before it is released to more FSD Beta testers. 

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Tesla FSD Beta 10.69.2 release slated for the end of the week
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