Tesla FSD 10.69.1 smoothly navigates San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street

Credit: Whole Mars Catalog/Twitter

San Francisco’s Lombard Street, widely considered as one of the “crookedest” streets in the world with its multiple consecutive sharp turns, has been an area where Tesla owners who are part of the FSD Beta program test the limits of their cars’ advanced driver-assist system. 

The first FSD Beta test on Lombard Street was performed on October 2020, just a week after the start of the program. A video of the test showed the advanced driver assist system trying its best to navigate the crooked street, but it was evident then that FSD Beta was struggling. The drive through the crooked street ultimately involved several manual interventions from the driver. 

That was less than two years ago. With the release of v10.69.1, it was almost unsurprising to see FSD Beta testers navigating the challenging road using Tesla’s advanced driver assist system once more. This time around, it was longtime FSD Beta tester Whole Mars Catalog who took it upon himself to put v10.69.1 through Lombard Street to see how well the system does now. 

As it turned out, FSD Beta 10.69.1 performed really well. The speed of the car as it navigated Lombard Street’s consecutive sharp turns was consistent, and the vehicle no longer seemed to be confused with the street’s driveways. Overall, the veteran FSD Beta tester noted that the drive felt a lot smoother and more comfortable. Most importantly, one could see that FSD Beta is confident now when it navigates the crooked streets. 

Elon Musk’s multiple failed predictions on FSD’s wide rollout have made it pretty easy to for critics to dismiss just how much Tesla’s Full Self-Driving system has improved over the years. But when one compares FSD Beta 10.69.1’s capabilities to those exhibited by the system back in October 2020, the difference is night and day. The progress of the system is extremely evident. 

The Tesla CEO recently mentioned that he is estimating that FSD Beta could see a wide release sometime later this year. Together with this, Musk also announced that the price of the FSD suite would be raised to $15,000. The price increase is expected to be implemented once the full rollout of v10.69 is completed. 

Check out FSD Beta’s first attempt at navigating Lombard Street in the video below. 

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Tesla FSD 10.69.1 smoothly navigates San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street
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