Tesla Giga Berlin gets early approval to begin land preparations ahead of construction

Credit: Twitter/Jörg Steinbach

Tesla has received a preliminary approval from the Brandenburg State Office for the Environment to begin the initial projects for the construction of Giga Berlin. The company started its first steps by beginning the clearing of 91.5 hectares of large trees from the land.

Small trees were removed in early January to clear the space for the upcoming construction in the area. With the recent permit, Tesla would be able to take down large trees in its construction zone. This will give the company the necessary space to begin the construction of Giga Berlin’s first phase.

The early approval requires the company to adhere to preparatory measures like the construction of roads to the area where Giga Berlin will eventually stand. Currently, only gravel roads for construction vehicles are present at the site. Tesla will be required to add additional public roads for access to the location in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act.

Brandenburg Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach tweeted a photograph of a machine beginning the initial phases of tree cutting in the area. “It starts! Preparations for construction have started. A historical photo from a few minutes ago,” he wrote.

The early approval means Tesla can begin working toward developing the land for Gigafactory 4 at the company’s own risk. Tesla will be required to replace the trees it removes in the designated zones, a promise that CEO Elon Musk made upon the decision to place the company’s first European Gigafactory in Berlin.

Tesla will have to comply with a number of requirements intended to protect both the citizens of Brandenburg and the environment of nearby locations as well. This includes occupational safety, noise, water, and the protection of wildlife in the area.

Construction noise will be required to stay at 70 decibels under during the day and between 40 and 55 decibels at night. This is to keep local citizens happy as buildings near the site could experience disruptions due to the removal of large trees and the upcoming construction work. Noise measurement devices will be kept nearby to ensure that Tesla abides by these standards, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of Brandenburg.

In addition, special requirements that will protect soil and groundwater will be implemented as well. This is because a portion of the site is in a designated drinking water protection zone. Construction vehicles will be required to refuel outside of these locations to ensure that fuels do not enter sources of drinking water.

The final approval process will continue and will not be closed until March 5. Until then, any parties involved can raise objections against the construction of Giga Berlin.

Tesla Giga Berlin gets early approval to begin land preparations ahead of construction
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