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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin final environmental approval conference to be held Friday

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A conference about Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s final environmental approval has been scheduled for tomorrow, March 4, 2022. During the event, Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke would be discussing the approval decision for the high-profile electric vehicle factory. Invitations to the press have been distributed. 

Teslarati was able to confirm the event through a representative from the office of Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel. The minister’s office declined to provide further details about the upcoming press conference, however. 

Several high-profile officials are expected to be in attendance at Friday’s event. Apart from Minister-President Woidke, Environment Minister Axel Vogel, Economics Minister Jörg Steinbach, Ulrich Stock, the department head responsible in the State Office for the Environment, Sascha Gehm, the First Deputy of the Oder-Spree district, and Arne Christiani, the Mayor of Grünheide, will also be in attendance. 

While Gigafactory Berlin’s final environmental approval is all but granted, a report from German news outlet Handelsblatt reported that it will still take some more weeks before vehicle production for customer cars could commence. Teslarati has reached out to several officials’ offices to confirm if these reports are accurate but is yet to receive a response. Inquiries about further requirements that Tesla needs to complete to start vehicle production have also been sent out. 

Gigafactory Berlin has been in construction for two years now, and since then, it has faced numerous challenges. From opposition from local environmental groups to complicated approval processes due to Tesla’s addition of a battery production facility on the site, Giga Berlin’s opening has seen some delays. Considering that the final environmental approval seems all but secured, however, the wait for Tesla’s German-made cars may very well be over soon. 

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Tesla Gigafactory Berlin final environmental approval conference to be held Friday
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