Tesla Giga Texas could start Model Y production in 7-10 days: Wedbush analyst

(Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer)

Wedbush Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst Dan Ives recently posted a rather interesting estimate for Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas project. According to the Wall Street veteran, Giga Texas may very well be capable of starting Model Y production over the next 7-10 days. If Wedbush’s estimate proves accurate, Tesla could see some serious momentum this Q1 2022. 

“Based on our analysis of Giga Austin, it appears paperwork is now clearing the way for Model Y production starting over the next 7-10 days. We believe the stamping machines for Model Y and testing is already in place and mostly completed, green light for Tesla to kick off Austin,” Ives posted

Earlier this month, reports from the Lone Star State emerged stating that Tesla is gathering the necessary documents to ensure that Gigafactory Texas could be opened smoothly. Travis County spokesperson Hector Nieto even noted that certain sections of Giga Texas have already received their respective certificates of compliance from the county fire marshal. Such certificates are required before a facility can be formally opened. 

The Giga Texas site has remained extremely busy as of late, with the massive complex being a hub of activity. Interestingly enough, recent videos from the site have hinted at the Cybertruck area potentially receiving some new machinery. During a recent flyover, drone operator Jeff Roberts was able to capture images of what appeared to be equipment being loaded into a section of the factory that’s speculated to be allotted for the Cybertruck’s production. 

Reports of Giga Texas’ apparent start of production have been gaining ground as of late. Just this past week, Chinese media outlet Yicai Global, while reporting on solar panel giant Longi Green Energy’s contract with Tesla for Giga Texas’ solar system, noted on Twitter that the EV maker’s Texas site is starting operations very soon. 

Gigafactory Texas is expected to cover 4.28 million square feet, and it would be split among several sections comprised of general assembly, stamping, and casting. The factory will be starting its operations with the production of the Tesla Model Y, with the Cybertruck following after. Other vehicles like the Model 3 and the Tesla Semi are also expected to be produced in Gigafactory Texas, potentially in the future. 

Here’s a recent drone flyover of the Giga Texas site.

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Tesla Giga Texas could start Model Y production in 7-10 days: Wedbush analyst
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