Tesla exec Lars Moravy bids former SVP goodbye, suggests he’s in for the long haul

Credit: Tesla

The departure of former Tesla SVP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering Drew Baglino sent shockwaves to the TSLA community on Monday, with many longtime followers of the EV maker expressing concerns about the rest of the company’s core leadership. As per a recent post from VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy, however, it would appear that he is still in for the long haul. 

In a post on X, Tesla VP for Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy wished his former colleague well. Moravy noted that he and the former SVP have worked alongside each other for a very long time, and he has become better over the years because of their experience on the frontlines.

“My brother in arms… THANK YOU! TY for being by each others sides in the struggles, TY for lifting me up when I was down, TY for teaching me so so many things, TY for guiding Tesla engineering to be better than we thought we could be,” Moravy wrote. “I still remember arguing with you about halfshaft stiffness my first week. Not sure who won that one, but today, I’ll concede it to you. You deserve it.”

Seemingly hinting at his plans with his Tesla employment, Moravy noted that he would do his best to continue Baglino’s efforts. This comment was appreciated by numerous Tesla enthusiasts, many of whom saw it as an assurance of sorts that the VP for Vehicle Engineering was not going anywhere. “I am better because of you and will do my best to continue your revolutionary efforts over these last 14+ years we have worked together,” Moravy wrote. 

Elon Musk has noted that Tesla is trimming down its workforce to reorganize and streamline the company for its next phase of growth. With this in mind, it would appear that Musk is preparing Tesla for what could very well be another “wartime” scenario of sorts. The last “wartime” scenario for Tesla came in the form of the Model 3 ramp, which nearly killed the company but resulted in Tesla becoming a legitimate mainstream automaker. This time around, Musk may be betting the company on its next revolutionary product — the dedicated Robotaxi, which is expected to be unveiled on August 8, 2024

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