Tesla Powerwall 3 now available in the UK

Credit: Tesla UK/X

Homeowners in the United Kingdom can now harness the power of Tesla’s latest home battery system, the Powerwall 3. As per the electric vehicle maker in an article on social media platform X, the Powerwall 3 is now available in the UK. 

Tesla’s official website indicates that the Powerwall 3 has an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh and on-grid power of 11.5 kW continuous, which is double the power output of the Powerwall 2. This means that a single Powerwall 3 could support a house’s energy needs during a power outage. Demonstrations and ads from Tesla have also promoted the Powerwall 3’s water resistant capabilities

As noted by Tesla UK in its announcement, a single Powerwall 3 unit has enough power to support most UK homes. When used with solar panels, the Powerwall 3 would enable homeowners to store excess solar energy that could be used at night. Tesla UK noted that, on average, Powerwall 3 owners can save £1,450 per year if the home battery system is paired with solar panels. 

Tesla’s order page for the Powerwall 3 indicates that the home battery unit costs £5,500 before installation costs and other fees. While this amount is by no means cheap, Tesla UK highlighted that the Powerwall 3 features a number of benefits that would surely be appreciated by homeowners. Among these is Storm Watch, which ensures that the home battery is fully charged and optimized during times of inclement weather. 

Tesla UK describes the Powerwall 3’s benefits for the country’s homeowners below. 

“The built-in solar inverter can output between 3.68 kW to 11.04 kW throughout the UK, meaning you can power a greater variety of appliances. It also brings you greater power efficiency, creates a cleaner-looking install with fewer boxes on the wall and reduces the need for a third-party inverter.

“The redesigned thermal management system takes learnings from Model 3 & enables best-in-class performance, installation flexibility (indoors or outdoors) and can operate in temperatures ranging from –20°C to 50°C. Withstanding extreme weather conditions and harsh environments, Powerwall 3 can be installed inside or outside, maintaining normal operation in high humidity and flooding in 60 cm of water.”

The Powerwall 3 is now available for order on Tesla’s official website, which can be accessed here. Future owners can also receive a quote from a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer here

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