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Tesla Model 3’s interior camera may be used for fun in-car features, says Elon Musk

Tesla’s internal camera, a device not yet utilized by the company’s vehicles, may receive a new functionality after an owner asked CEO Elon Musk if it could be activated for use during “Caraoke” sessions.

When Tesla released its V10 software, the update gave owners a plethora of new entertainment and accessibility features. One of the most popular additions is Caraoke, a feature allowing a car’s driver and passengers to enjoy a fun, sing-along experience. The comedic effect of Caraoke is yet another idea from Tesla’s developers who have made the vehicle’s reputation as a fun and constantly evolving machine even more realistic.

Tesla Model 3 owners who have utilized Caraoke want one more feature from the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker: to allow the interior camera to record Caraoke sessions, so owners and passengers can view and replay their most entertaining sessions. This feature could revolutionize the Caraoke experience, making the in-car singing sessions even more fun.

Musk stated that the main use of the Model 3’s internal camera is for the company’s upcoming Robotaxi service, a network of Tesla vehicles that will be used for ride-sharing. The network of Tesla vehicles used in the Robotaxi concept will utilize the internal camera. While Tesla’s Robotaxis have not hit the road quite yet, Musk states he could be interested in using the camera for other reasons, including a possible way to record Caraoke sessions for owners.

The Robotaxi idea was formally shared by Musk and Tesla during the company’s “Autonomy Day” in April 2019. The service is expected to rival ride-sharing service giants Uber and Lyft. Tesla estimates that its Robotaxi rides will cost around $0.18 a mile, undercutting the cost of traditional ride-sharing platforms.

The lack of need for expensive gas fill-ups and low maintenance needs will make cheaper prices possible for the Tesla ride-sharing service. Tesla owners would be able to manage their vehicle’s rides through their smartphones. The aim of Robotaxi is to eventually have a functioning fleet of autonomous taxis, an eventually possible task thanks to Tesla’s Full-Self Driving computer.

The service would not only help cut costs of ride-sharing but would also contribute to the world’s environmental issues. The option to travel to a destination with the help of an electric car would be a major stepping stone for carbon emissions, one of the main contributors to the Earth’s environmental problems.

Tesla Model 3’s interior camera may be used for fun in-car features, says Elon Musk
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