Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Long Range get new round of price increases

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Tesla has rolled out its latest round of price adjustments to the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y crossover’s Dual Motor AWD variants. Prices for other vehicles in the company’s lineup remained consistent for now. 

With the most recent price adjustment, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range now starts at $49,990, $1,000 more than its previous price. As noted in a Tesla Daily report, the Model 3 Long Range started at $46,990 at the beginning of the year. This means that the mid-range variant of the best-selling all-electric sedan has increased its price by $3,000 this year so far. 

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The recent price increase for the Tesla Model Y Long Range also involved a $1,000 adjustment, with the all-electric crossover now starting at $53,990. This amount is $4,000 more expensive than the Model Y Long Range’s price at the beginning of 2021, when it started at a more affordable $49,990. 

It should be noted that the latest round of price increases only affected the Model 3 and Model Y Long Range variants. The starting price of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Model 3 Performance, and Model Y Performance was unaffected by the recent price adjustments. Prices for the Model S and Model X were the same as well. 

The Model S Long Range did get a substantial $5,000 price increase recently, though it was implemented earlier this month. Estimated delivery dates for the Model S Long Range are currently listed for September to October 2021. 

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The demand for the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Long Range seems to be quite healthy. The Model Y Long Range, for example, was initially listed with an estimated delivery date of October 2021, but even this date has since disappeared from Tesla’s online configurator. The Model 3 Long Range, on the other hand, is listed with an estimated delivery date of 7-13 weeks. This suggests that the company may have several months’ worth of vehicle orders to fill. 

Tesla is expected to hold its second-quarter earnings call this coming Monday after markets close. Insights about the company’s recent price adjustments may be discussed by executives, together with other pertinent topics such as the developments in Gigafactory Berlin and Giga Texas. 

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Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Long Range get new round of price increases
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