Tesla Model Y takes out BMW’s $100k+ X6 M SUV in quarter mile

Credit: Cars with Ivan/Youtube

The Tesla Model Y Performance is generally the more conservative “P” branded vehicle in the electric carmaker’s lineup, but owners of the crossover certainly seem to like taking advantage of its stats on the drag strip lately. With a 0-60 mph time of 3.5 seconds, the top tier vehicle yields impressive acceleration worthy of challenging some brands with decades of race engineering under their belts.

This was put on display recently in a video published on YouTube channel “Cars with Ivan” when a Tesla Model Y Performance took on a G-Power Typhoon BMW X6 M. Even with a frunk full of snacks, the electric carmaker’s latest vehicle held its own, beating the Typhoon with a 12.1-second quarter mile vs. the highly-modified X6 M’s 12.5 seconds.

A first look at the BMW’s G-Power incarnation doesn’t indicate any obvious competitive edge for the Model Y from a pure performance stance. The upgrades boost its optimized 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine strength to 750 horsepower, and modified turbochargers, catalytic converters, and specialized software make the racing odds seem a bit unfair to Tesla’s electric family car. The Model Y, after all, “only” has 456 horsepower, and its 11.9 second quarter mile is half a breath too slow against the Typhoon’s advertised 11.5 second time for the same distance.

Credit: Cars with Ivan/Youtube

After further consideration, however, it’s obvious where Tesla’s creation shines – instant torque, and whether its driver can really tap into it in the instant where it counts. Its recent competitor’s 723 lb-ft of torque may have an arguable advantage over a longer interval of time, but the drag strip is where the Model Y sits pretty next to all of its other Tesla siblings. The Model Y Performance also has another stat in its favor with dual electric motors, as do the Model S, 3, and X Performance variants that take on traditional racers regularly these days. The family that flies off the line together, wins together, or for the most part, it seems.

Perhaps the BMW has other desirable features that make up for its toe-to-toe drag strip performance with a younger, less experienced, less expensive Tesla crossover. A top speed of 186 mph (vs. 155 mph) comes to mind. But at a typical $100k+ asking price for the G-Power Typhoon, the Model Y Performance’s $62k price tag might make an argument for trading the gas engine for battery power.

You can watch the Model Y Performance take on the G-Power Typhoon BMW X6 M below:

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