Tesla’s tumultuous relationship with Edmunds is based on love, respect, and improvement

Tesla Model Y Performance delivery center (Credit: i1Tesla/YouTube)

Tesla and automotive information resource Edmunds have had an up and down relationship throughout the years. Many Tesla-loyal EV enthusiasts claim the publication has a vendetta against the Silicon Valley-based electric carmaker. Still, the truth remains that Edmunds has plenty of respect for Tesla and its cars. In a video, Edmunds‘ Manager of Feature Content Carlos Lago outlined not only what Tesla could do better with its Model Y, but also what other carmakers can learn from the hottest company in electric transportation.

Of course, many Tesla owners hold an uncanny loyalty to the carmaker who manufactured their electric vehicle. It is normal and expected. When someone spends at least $35,000 on a car, they’re going to make sure they respect the brand and its ideals. Tesla is no different, but the obsessive nature of the company’s vehicle owners makes the auto manufacturer nearly one of a kind. With Elon Musk at the helm calling the day-to-day shots, the company continues to revolutionize the idea of an electric vehicle, proving to everyone that the battery-electric powertrains don’t have to be “ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart,” like he once said on 60 Minutes.

And, to be fair, Musk’s company has proven that. Tesla has done more than enough to rid the world of the idea that a battery-powered car is a slow and ineffective mode of transportation. This idea does not mean that Tesla’s are perfect, and there are things that the company could improve on for future builds of their vehicles. Edmunds was more than happy to throw a few suggestions out there.

The Tesla Model Y crossover. (Credit: Edmunds/Twitter)

The improvements that Edmunds would like to see is not indicative of a belief that Tesla has a lack of quality in their cars. When the publication’s review of the Model 3 revealed some issues with panel gaps and overall build quality, Tesla improved upon the issue by confronting it head-on. One of Tesla’s most vocal critics in Bob Lutz even admitted that the Model 3’s build quality was “world-class” after the suggestions, and the improvements won the vehicle Edmunds’ “2020 EV of the Year” award.

For the most part, Tesla’s vehicles have culminated in primarily positive reviews from Edmunds. Most recently, the Model Y won over Lago in a comprehensive study that highlighted Tesla’s improved build qualities and impressive performance standards.

The Model Y crossover could be Tesla’s most popular vehicle to date. The combination of white-knuckle performance with the crossover body style that has quickly become the most popular in the U.S. launches the car into the category of massively appealing.

Credit: MotorTrend

If Tesla can dial in a few changes that Edmunds suggests, there is a considerable chance that the Model Y can become the most popular car, EV or not, in the country. The company’s growing appeal across the globe has drawn attraction from the world’s biggest brands, who have designed their newest vehicles after Tesla’s technology and minimalist design.

Time after time, Tesla-inspired tech shows up on vehicles outside of the EV sector. The company’s sales figures, combined with customer loyalty, make Tesla a force to be reckoned with not only now, but also in the future.

Before taking Edmunds‘ suggestions as a source of negativity, try and frame it as constructive criticism. Tesla’s vehicles are not perfect, and the constant attention to detail and thirst for improvement is what has made the company so successful in the twelve years it has been building electric vehicles.

Watch Edmund’s Carlos Lago’s Long-Term review of the Model Y below.

Joey Klender: Joey has been a journalist covering electric mobility at TESLARATI since August 2019. In his time at TESLARATI, Joey has broken several big stories, including the first images of the Tesla Model S Plaid, the imminent release of the 4680 Model Y through EPA certification, and several expansions to the Lucid AMP-1 factory in Arizona, to name a few. His stories have been featured in several publications, including Yahoo! Finance, Fox News, CNET, and Seeking Alpha. In his spare time, Joey is playing golf, watching MMA, or cheering on any of his favorite sports teams, including the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, Miami Heat, Washington Capitals, and Penn State Nittany Lions. You can get in touch with joey at joey@teslarati.com. He is also on Twitter @KlenderJoey.
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