Tesla Model Y bodies ready for megacasts at Giga Berlin

Credit: Tobias Lindh

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin has started producing Model Y bodies ready for front megacasts and structural battery packs.

Tesla gigafactory in Germany is steadily ramping up Model Y production in Europe. Giga Berlin already hit a 2,000-per-week run rate in its Model Y production ramp. In the Q3 2022 Update Letter, Tesla shared its plans to introduce front megacasts and structural battery packs to Giga Berlin production by the end of this year. 

A recent flyover by drone operator Tobias Lindh revealed that Tesla is already producing Model Y bodies with spaces for Tesla’s front mega casts and structural battery pack. Lindh’s latest video provides an excellent vantage point of the space the front megacast and structural battery packs will fill in the future. 

Giga Berlin is likely in the beginning stages of Model Y production with front megacasts and structural battery packs. Tesla might start delivering Model Y units with front megacasts and structural battery packs in 2023, depending on how tests go. 

Model Y price cut in Germany and parts of Europe would signal when units with megacasts and structural battery packs start getting delivered. Tesla’s megacasts and structural battery packs help the company reduce costs significantly. 

Giga Berlin’s 4680 Battery Line

Tesla also plans to produce battery cells at Giga Berlin, which will likely fill the structural battery packs in the Model Y. Tesla’s structural battery pack design goes hand-in-hand with its 4680 cells. So Model Y units with structural battery packs will likely also have 4680 cells. 

Tesla tripled 4680 cell production in the third quarter this year. The company expects to start producing more vehicles equipped with 4680 cells in Giga Texas over the next few months. Giga Berlin would probably follow in Giga Texas’ footsteps later.  

Checkout the Lindh’s video below!

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