Tesla 4680 production tripled in Q3 2022, cell ramp is “gaining rapid traction”

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Tesla’s 4680 cell production tripled in Q3 2022 compared to the last quarter. Tesla hopes to install 4680 battery cells into cars in the next few months. 

Elon Musk stated that Tesla is “finally gaining rapid traction on the 4680 cell.” 

“[4680] output is growing rapidly, and we expect it to start incorporating in cars and having it be a significant portion of our production here in Texas in the coming months,” Musk added.

Musk confirmed that some Model Ys from Giga Texas have the 4680 structural battery pack. As per usual, Tesla has not stopped improving either. The company already has second-generation manufacturing equipment for its 4680 battery cell line at Giga Texas. Musk also highlighted that the 4680 production lines in Texas and Fremont are making great progress.

Zackary Kirkhorn added that 4680 production is tracking to exceed 1,000 car cells per week in Q4 2022. 

“Our focus is now shifting from 100% ramp to cost and further expanding production capacity in North America, as Elon also mentioned,” the Tesla CFO said.

At the Q3 2022 earnings call, one shareholder asked about the factors Tesla would consider to determine which vehicles get 2170 or 4680 cells. In the first quarter, Tesla noted that Giga Texas would produce Model Ys using both structural packs with 4680 cells and non-structural packs with 2170 cells. 

“On the 2170 versus 4680, in our factories, we really attempt to minimize factory complexity and product changeover while still making sure we get enough new product into the field to learn how it is performing. And that sort of mix is going to shift as 4680 scales here and the overall factory ramp proceeds in Texas,” Kirkhorn explained.

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Tesla 4680 production tripled in Q3 2022, cell ramp is “gaining rapid traction”
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