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Tesla Model Y, Model 3 capture 1-2 punch in Cars.com’s ‘American-made’ Index

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The Tesla Model Y and Tesla Model 3 captured a one-two punch in Cars.com’s “American-Made” index, marking the second straight year a Tesla has captured the award.

Cars.com has compiled a list of qualifying vehicles built and bought in the United States since 2005. This year’s rankings brought five additional vehicles from the 90 cars that were assessed in 2021 and ranks the cars in the same five criteria: assembly location, parts content, engine origins, transmission origins, and U.S. manufacturing workforce.

For the second time in the 17-year-long index, an EV captured the first prize on the list. This is the second time an electric car has won the title of most American-made car, joining the Model 3’s label in 2021.

The Model Y ranked third last year and is produced in Fremont, California, and, as of this year, Austin, Texas, at Tesla’s newest U.S. production facility. This year, the Model Y took over its older sibling, the Model 3, in the rankings.


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Tesla’s Model X and Model S also made the list in fifth and sixth place, respectively. Cars.com gave Tesla props on its extensive presence on the list:

“Topping the 2022 index is Tesla, which not only retains its No. 1 overall ranking thanks to the Model Y, but furthers its presence on the list with all four vehicles of its current lineup placing in the top 10. The Model 3 drops one spot from 2021 to No. 2, the Model X comes in at No. 5, and the Model S follows at No. 6.”

The report states that the Model S and Model X were late to arrive for 2021 due to substantial updates to their designs. These updates “robbed them of sales data needed to meet our threshold for last year’s index,” Cars.com said. Additionally, the Model S and Model X being added to the list, with the addition of Gigafactory Texas, solidified the company’s workforce credentials. “Tesla’s representation has never been more conspicuous,” the report stated.

Tesla’s incredible strategy of remaining vertically integrated has led the company to capture recognition as a strong American brand.

“Tesla is absolutely vertically integrated compared to other auto companies or basically most any company,” CEO Elon Musk said in 2020. “We have a massive amount of internal manufacturing technology that we built ourselves. We literally make the machine. In fact, we design it — so like, OK, what are the things we want to make, design a machine that will make that thing, then we make the machine. This is what — this makes it quite difficult to copy Tesla, which we’re not actually all that opposed to people copying us, but it’s quite difficult because you can’t do catalog engineering. You can’t just pick up the supplier catalog, I’ll get one of those machines, one of that machine; bingo, I’m now Tesla. You have to — there is no catalog.”

Cars.com’s full list is available here.

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Tesla Model Y, Model 3 capture 1-2 punch in Cars.com’s ‘American-made’ Index
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