Tesla Model Y XPEL PPF treatment

Hypnotic look at a Tesla Model Y getting a XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) treatment

Tesla Model Y XPEL paint protection film (PPF) treatment (Credit: OCDetailing via YouTube)

One of the first accessories for many Tesla owners is a paint protection film (PPF) or ceramic coating that helps in reducing the risk of exterior paint damage on their new vehicle.

Famed detailer in the San Francisco Bay Area OCDetailing, arguably best known for their paint correction and exterior wrap/coating services for Tesla owners, have given us a hypnotic look at a Tesla Model Y undergoing an XPEL paint protection film transformation.

First, it’s necessary to understand the differences between two very popular paint protection applications: PPF and Ceramic Coating.

Ceramic Coating (Opti-Coat Pro+, CarPro CQuartz)

A ceramic coating, or also known as a nano-coating, is a liquid polymer that can be applied to the exterior paint surface of your Tesla. The coating chemically bonds to the vehicle’s paint to create a layer of protection that’s both harder than the factory paint and hydrophobic to repel water.

The end result is a glossy look that also contains many properties that make car washing and removal of stains, including bird droppings, easier. The nanotechnology coating also provides improved protection to paint swirl marks and scratches. Arguably, the two most popular Ceramic Coating brands for Tesla owners are CarPro CQuartz Finest and Opti-Coat Pro+.

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings for Tesla owners are as follows:

  • High gloss finish makes the vehicle look extra shiny.
  • Hydrophobic property makes car washing a breeze. Water and soap will pull dirt and grime off a vehicle with minimal wiping.
  • Chemical bond protects paint from contaminants.
  • UV protection to protect paint from fading.

Note: Unlike a “clear bra” or PPF that are transparent films that require intense labor to form-fit and adhere to the car’s exterior, ceramic coatings are applied in liquid form, require less manual work, and thus significantly cheaper to install. Ceramic Coatings also age with time and need to be reapplied between 2 – 5 years.

Paint Protection Film (XPEL PPF)

For many Tesla owners, the decision to apply a paint protection film from XPEL, 3M or another vendor, comes as a no-brainer because of the product’s lifetime protection against scratches, vandalism, and even minor fender benders due to the film’s self-healing properties.

However, applying PPF can come at a hefty cost that ranges between a few thousand dollars to upwards of $10,000 when combined with paint color correction services. Pricing varies depending on the level of protection that is installed on your Tesla. Some choose to install PPF on only areas of the vehicle that are most prone to damage and abrasion, such as the hood, front bumper, and rear bumper, while others decide to wrap the entire car.

For one Tesla Model Y owner, getting the full XPEL paint protection film treatment as a first upgrade immediately after taking vehicle delivery was instinctual.

The folks at OCDetailing gives us a close look at the level of work and precision that goes into protecting a Tesla Model Y with PPF.

Hypnotic look at a Tesla Model Y getting a XPEL Paint Protection Film (PPF) treatment
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