Apparent Tesla Model 3 test vehicle spotted with no side mirrors and unique camera setup

Credit: @MrSaltyP/X via @niccruzpatane/X

An apparent Tesla Model 3 test vehicle was recently spotted in Palo Alto, California, with a rather unique setup. As could be seen in photos of the vehicle, the new Model 3 has been stripped of its side mirrors and it has been set up with cameras that are in very unique locations. 

Images of the apparent Tesla Model 3 test vehicle were shared on social media platform X by electric vehicle advocate Nic Cruz Patane. While the reengineered Model 3 was unmistakable from the images, avid Tesla watchers immediately took notice of the apparent test vehicle’s camera placement, which included two units that were mounted inside the all-electric sedan’s cabin. 

A closer look at the images of the new Model 3 in the recent sighting shows that Tesla seems to have changed the vehicle’s cameras on its front fenders. The camera on the new Model 3’s trunk has been raised as well. Most interesting were two cameras that were installed inside the cabin, just behind the driver’s seat. This resulted in the cameras seemingly pointing out the new Model 3’s rear windows. 

While Tesla has not explained the recently-spotted vehicle on social media, avid watchers of the electric car maker have shared some speculations about the vehicle. Some Tesla watchers, for one, speculated that the cameras inside the cabin could correspond to the camera placement of a smaller vehicle, possibly the upcoming Robotaxi “Cybercab.” This seems quite plausible considering that the “Cybercab” is expected to be a smaller vehicle compared to the new Model 3. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the Robotaxi “Cybercab” will be unveiled in an event this coming August 8, 2024. Interestingly enough, Tesla seems to be working on its Robotaxi service’s launch in China. Earlier this month, local news outlet China Daily noted that Elon Musk reportedly proposed tests of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system on vehicles deployed to the Chinese market. This could result in China being the first country to experience Tesla’s Robotaxi service. 

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Simon Alvarez: Simon is a reporter with a passion for electric cars and clean energy. Fascinated by the world envisioned by Elon Musk, he hopes to make it to Mars (at least as a tourist) someday.
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