Tesla Q3 2023 earnings call livestream link goes live

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Tesla released the livestream link for its Q3 2023 earnings call. Below is a recap of everything you need to know before listening to Tesla’s third-quarter earnings call. 

Top 5 Questions from TSLA Retail Investors on Say: 

  1. How many Cybertruck deliveries do you anticipate for 2024
  2. Can you provide a progress update on the 4680 cell[s] [?] Particularly progress towards performance improvements and cost savings outlined on battery day. Thank You!
  3. When do you expect Model 3 Highland to be available in [the] US?
  4. Why was the price dropped on FSD if it is getting better and robotaxi is expected so soon?
  5. Will Optimus be working on Gigafactory lines next year? If so, how many would you guess will be deployed?

Top 3 Questions from TSLA Institutional Investors on Say:

  1. Could you please provide an update on (i) capacity expansion plans for the company’s factories in Berlin and Austin and (ii) the opening schedule of Gigafactory Mexico?
  2. Current sell-side consensus assumes that Tesla will deliver ~2.3 million vehicles in 2024, representing 28% growth vs. 2023 guidance. Is this growth rate achievable without any mass-market launches in 2024, and when does Tesla expect to return to its 50% long-term CAGR?
  3. Mercedes is accepting legal liability for when its Level 3 autonomous driving system, Drive Pilot, is active. Is Tesla planning to accept legal liability for FSD, and if so, when?

What analysts are looking for during Tesla’s Q3 2023 earnings call: 

1. Analysts expect Tesla to provide an update on its 2023 delivery target. As of this writing, Tesla’s 2023 guidance remains 1.8 million vehicles. 

2. The Tesla price war has reduced the company’s vehicle prices over the past year. Analysts calculated that Tesla’s margins have dropped to 18.1% and would like information on the company’s margins during the upcoming earnings call. 

3. Cybertruck updates. Anyone interested in the Cybertruck will likely want to hear any updates on the all-electric pickup truck’s long-anticipated delivery and price. 

4. Earlier this year, Tesla reduced the price of Full Self-Driving—shocking a few supporters of the autonomous driving software. Analysts will likely want an update on Tesla FSD.

5. Tesla Giga Mexico has been a hot topic in recent months. Analysts will likely be interested in Giga Mexico’s progress since it will build Tesla’s next-generation vehicle and Robotaxi. 

Below is the  livestream link for Tesla’s Q3 2023 earnings call.

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Tesla Q3 2023 earnings call livestream link goes live
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