Tesla Semi performance data suggests the hype is real

Data from GEOTAB and the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) shows the true capability of the Tesla Semi. From the information gathered, the Tesla Semi seems to be living up to the hype.

Data from the Run for Less event hints at the capabilities of the Tesla Semi. Tesla’s Class-8 truck was put through the ringer at the event, operating on its maximum payload capacity and traveling up to 500 miles round trip.

Dave Mullaney from Rocky Mountain Institute shared some information from Tesla Semi runs. During Run for Less, GEOTAB and the NACFE collected data from three PepsiCo Tesla Semi trucks. Mullaney shared the results of each Tesla Semi’s performance from the first day.

Tesla Semi 1:

  • 335 miles on a single charge over 8 hours. [The] day ended with 17.5% SOC left, good for a little bit of a buffer.
  • [The] Truck was doing highway operations – driving 65% of the time with speed predominantly at 62 mph.

Tesla Semi 2:

  • 227 miles over about 6 hours. [The] day ended with 27% SOC.
  • Spent about half its time idle but mostly [at] highway speeds when driving

Note: This truck may have been loaded more heavily as it showed a somewhat shorter range than Truck 1.

Tesla Semi 3:

  • 377 miles with SOC bottoming out at 1.6% – no buffer there!
  • [A]lmost exclusively highway driving at 62 mph.

Based on the data he analyzed, Mullaney concluded that Tesla’s range estimates for the Semi were on point. He noted that there was still a lot about the Tesla Semi’s capabilities that is unknown. More tests would provide a better idea of the Tesla Semi’s capabilities.

“Takeaway is that the 350-mile truck is for real, but unknowns remain. Load weight wasn’t published, and weather was warm with low winds. If you want to push these things much beyond 350 in real-world operations, you will need opportunity charging to feel safe doing so. In future days, hopefully, the data will show interesting charging events so we can infer how much time that will take,” Mullaney stated in a LinkedIn post.

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