Top 10 Tesla Track Mode V2 features for the Model 3 Performance

Credit: YouTube/Vehicle Virgins

The capabilities of Tesla’s newly-unveiled Track Mode V2 was demonstrated recently by a select group of car enthusiasts, one of them being the host of YouTube’s Vehicle Virgins channel. Following some time with a Model 3 Performance with Track Mode V2, host Parker Nirenstein listed the 10 best features of the upcoming update.

Tesla’s V2 Track Mode was announced on March 2 and it will introduce a variety of new features that foster better performance for Model 3 owners who have a taste for higher speeds and racecar-like handling. Expanding on the original Track Mode, V2 promises even more customization, control, and capabilities for drivers brave enough to tap into the raw power of a Model 3 Performance.

Following are Vehicle Virgins‘ Top 10 Track Mode V2 features.

1. Industry-Leading Visual Display

Credit: YouTube/Vehicle Virgins

Once Track Mode V2 is enabled, the Model 3’s center display changes to give drivers pertinent information for closed circuit driving. Instead of the typical driving visuals and trip stats featured in the Model 3’s screen, the Model 3 Performance’s display shifts to provide drivers with a clear visual of what is exactly happening with certain portions of the car while Track Mode V2 is engaged. Stats such as battery temperatures and tire temperatures are provided.

2. G-Force Meter

Credit: YouTube/Vehicle Virgins

Track Mode V2’s G-Force Meter gives live feedback of current measurements of the car’s current state. The meter also tracks past G-Force measurements from the most recent session. This allows drivers to see how much G-force was applied to each portion of the car during drifting or hot laps.

3. Post-Drive Cooling Feature

Tesla has included a Post-Drive Cooling feature to Track Mode V2, a feature that the Vehicle Virgins host stated is something that is being included today in actual track cars. This feature prevents excessive heat from damaging the battery and the Model 3’s other critical components. This will also decrease the wait time between runs, allowing Model 3 Performance owners to spend more time on the closed circuit and less time waiting for their vehicles to cooling down.

4. Record Video Features

Track Mode V2 will now allow drivers to record recent runs using the vehicle’s built-in cameras that are used by Sentry Mode and Autopilot. Now, laps and drifting runs could be actively captured, allowing for playback of impressive lap times, or to show off a flawless drifting run around obstacles. Driving data from these videos can even be printed to give drivers the full rundown of their performance on the track.

5. Variable Power Splits

This makes the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive vehicle capable of changing into a full Rear-Wheel-Drive or Front-Wheel-Drive car simply by toggling through settings on the Model 3 Performance’s center display. Nirenstein noted that the Model 3’s customization of this feature is much more impressive than his Lamborghini Huracan’s “Sport Mode,” which went all the way up to 90-10 in favor of Rear-Wheel Drive. The YouTube host also emphasized that the Model 3’s price is 10 times less than the Lamborghini’s, but he is much more impressed with the electric car’s feature.

6. Custom Track Settings

Custom settings could be named and perhaps even saved on the vehicle for specific tracks. This would allow drivers to get the optimum performance from their Model 3 Performance for each location or racing session that they will be attending.

7. 20 Stages of Traction Control

Track Mode V2 allows for 20 different settings of Traction Control for different driving experiences. Nirenstein stated that the AMG GTR became practically legendary due to its 9 different stages of traction control, but Tesla has actually more than doubled the number of options with 20 full stages. This, of course, provides Model 3 Performance drivers with an immense amount of control for their vehicle.

8. Regen only on the Rear Wheels

Track Mode V1 uses regen a lot to enable the Model 3 Performance to perform well on a closed circuit. Track Mode V2 takes this a step further, allowing owners to completely turn regen off, or only apply the braking system to the rear wheels exclusively in RWD mode. Experienced drivers and those who are proficient at drifting will likely take a liking to this capability.

9. Built-in Lap Timer with customizable start point and finish line

Credit: YouTube/Vehicle Virgins

By using the vehicle’s GPS, drivers can set a custom start and finish point that will then track lap times and speed based on the vehicle’s location. This feature will record multiple laps, allowing drivers to test different lines and speeds to improve performance.

10. Compressor Overclock

Credit: YouTube/Vehicle Virgins

Compressor Overclock runs the Model 3’s cooling compressor at an increased rate to inhibit faster battery and vehicle cooling, decreasing wait time between runs. The feature allows the compressor to run at a rate higher than normal, helping performance, but also increasing wear.

Each of these new features is demonstrated in Vehicle Virgins‘ new video, where host Parker Nirenstein demonstrated Track Mode V2’s capabilities. In addition to displaying the new functions Tesla has released with Track Mode V2, the video featured the new Model 3 Track Package recently released for the all-electric sedan. The package includes Zero-G Performance Wheels, race-focused brakes and brake fluid, and track-optimized tires.

Tesla has yet to set a date for when the free OTA update will roll out for Model 3 Performance owners. The Model 3 Track Package will begin shipping in April and it includes Zero-G Performance wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, high-performance brake pads, track-focused brake fluid, center cups, pressure sensors, and lug nut covers. The package will cost $5,500.

Watch Vehicle Virgins‘  Track Mode V2 video below.

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