Tesla VP Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy discusses Model 3 Highland

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Tesla VP of Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy was recently featured in a video discussing the new Model 3. During the video, the Tesla executive shared some insights about the vehicle, such as how it was a breakthrough car for Tesla China’s engineering team. 

Moravy’s video with the new Tesla Model 3 was posted by the electric vehicle maker on its official Weibo account. The clip featured several scenes of the Tesla executive, together with the EV maker’s team, testing several aspects of the vehicle. Moravy noted that one of the biggest targets of the team with the new Model 3 was to make consumers happier. 

The executive stated that he was glad to have worked on the new Model 3, especially considering that he was part of the team that created the original all-electric sedan. With this in mind, the development of the updated Model 3 was, in a lot of ways, an endeavor to create the best Model 3 possible. 

“For me, this is very special because I was part of the engineering team that worked on the original Model 3. And to do it all over again, you really can focus on all of those things that you’ve learned over those six years. And to really put that impact back into the car makes this car really the best Model 3,” Moravy said. 

The VP of Vehicle Engineering also shared an important tidbit about the new vehicle. As per Moravy, the updated Model 3 can be considered the debut of Tesla China’s engineering team, since the vehicle was mostly developed in the country. This is quite an impressive feat for Tesla China, especially considering the high bar that was set by the original Model 3 six years ago.  

“It’s super exciting that Tesla engineering team from China gets to introduce itself to the world with the brand new Model 3 that they developed mostly here in China. And it’s all a bit like artwork. I’m super excited to get a new one. Why wouldn’t you want that?” the executive said. 

Watch Lars Moravy’s feature with the new Tesla Model 3 in the video below. 

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Tesla VP Vehicle Engineering Lars Moravy discusses Model 3 Highland
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