Tesla Model 3 Highland arrives in Italy’s showrooms

The Tesla Model 3 Highland arrived in Italy’s showrooms today, September 19, 2023. Deliveries for the refresh Tesla Model 3 are expected to start next month in Italy. 

The official X account for Tesla Club Italy posted pictures of the Tesla Model 3 Highland’s unveiling. The account mentioned that a Tesla showroom in Italy holds a closed-door presentation to welcome the Model 3 Highland. Later, the doors were open to the general public. 

As of this writing, the Tesla Model 3 Highland RWD variant in Italy costs €42,490 ($45,472.37) before options. The Model 3 Highland Long Range starts at €49,990 ($53,498.80). The tow hitch with a towing capacity of 1,000 kg (2,200+ lbs) costs an additional €1,350 ($1,444.76). 

In Italy, Tesla offers two autonomous driving options: Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. Enhanced Autopilot costs €3,800 ($4,066) for Navigate on Autopilot and Auto Lane Change. Tesla states that the Autopark, Summon, and Smart Summon features will be available under Enhanced Autopilot in the future. 

In Italy, Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) costs €7,500 ($8,026). It includes all features in Basic Autopilot and Enhanced Autopilot. Tesla FSD in Italy also includes Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control. The company does not offer the Autosteer on city streets feature in Italy yet. 

In November 2022, the Italian national government earmarked about €8.7 billion in funds for low-emission and new energy vehicles. The fund would also expand Italy’s electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure. 

According to the European Commission, EV purchases receive ownership tax benefits, company tax benefits, purchase subsidies, VAT benefits, AF Infrastructure incentives, local incentives, and more. For instance, electric vehicle purchases are exempt from annual ownership tax for up to 5 years from their first registration in Italy. After 5 years, EV owners benefit from a 75% reduction of tax rates applied to equivalent fossil fuel cars in the region. 

As for purchase subsidies, the following apply to electric vehicles. 

  • €3,000 (€5,000 with scrappage) for an electric car (M1) emitting ≤ 20g CO2/km and with a selling price of ≤ €35,000 + VAT.
  • €2,000 (€4,000 with scrappage) for an electric car (M1) emitting 21-60g CO2/km and with a selling price of ≤ €45,000 + VAT.

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Tesla Model 3 Highland arrives in Italy’s showrooms
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