The Boring Company Vegas Loop to double in size

(Credit: Sam Morris, LVCVA/Las Vegas News Bureau)

The Boring Company (TBC) submitted applications to double the size of the Vegas Loop to 65 miles of tunnels with 69 stations. 

The proposed 65-mile network of tunnels would run through the Las Vegas strip and central Las Vegas. A map of the proposed Vegas Loop expansion reveals that the massive tunnel network would start at Blue Diamon/Las Vegas Blvd on one end and reach Fremont Street Experience on the other.

Currently, only a portion of The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop is operational, including the tunnels connected to the LVCC-Riviera Station and the Resorts Worl Station. The active Vegas Loop tunnels connect to TBC’s Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop, which has three stations: West Station, Central Station, and South Station. 

TBC’s original proposal for the Vegas Loop was a network of tunnels that would run through popular tourist spots in the Strip. The proposed expansion appears to be more for locals living in Sin City. The expansion includes the Medical Center District and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas(UNLV) stations. 

Elon Musk’s tunneling company recently received approval to purchase land from UNLV. The 1.3 acres of land from UNLV would provide Vegas Loop with a route to the Allegiant Stadium, a planned destination under TBC’s original proposal. 

Tech Crunch listed a few challenges that might arise with the Vegas Loop’s proposed expansion. First and foremost are TBC’s financial and logistical difficulties with expanding the Vegas Loop. The tunneling company must develop a route that Sin City can approve within its regulations and codes. 

While getting approval for the Vegas Loop’s expansion, The Boring Company will continue building tunnels along the Strip. TBC’s next tunnel leads to the Vegas Loop’s Westgate station. The LVCVA told Teslarati that the Westgate station is expected to open this summer. 

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