California to Ease Tesla Environmental Policy

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Tesla environmental policy

Carmakers are going to hit the roof when they find out that the state of California is trying to loosen its Tesla environmental policy. Environmentalists are already on the war path.

California to relax Tesla environmental policy

Tesla environmental policyAccording to the LA Times, Ted Gaines, a Republican Senator representing the Sacramento suburb of Rocklina, feels Tesla Motors should get a break from being exempt from some of the environment rules in the state. Sen. Gaines co-authored the bill with Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento). Notice how more and more of these bills are co-sponsored by both parties?

The Tesla environmental policy incentive package being discussed is designed to lure Tesla Motors into build its Gigafactory in California. Tesla has been dangling its Gigafactory carrot-on-a-stick in front of a few neighboring states, mainly, Nevada and Arizona. The tactic is simple and has already moved Arizona to start talking about Tesla selling directly, a state staunchly opposed to it, backed by the automobile dealership association.

The Californian Tesla environmental policy

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