How to Build a Tesla Supercharger Station

The pace in which the Tesla Supercharger network is growing has really propelled adoption of electric vehicle mobility in a Model S, and paving the way for the upcoming Model X, across much of the globe. But what really goes into building a Tesla Supercharger station?

The project managers at Electric Conduit Construction were excited to learn that they were the successful bidder on the Tesla project in Goodland, Kansas. Watch as their time-lapse video captures the level of work that goes into construction of a 130 kW Tesla Supercharger station. After eleven days of construction, much of which entailed trenching and laying power lines to the massive Supercharger transformers, the new Goodland Supercharger station was ready to facilitate long-distance travel by Tesla owners from all over.

EDIT: 8/14/14 – The YouTube video has been removed by the owner. We’ve posted screenshots of the video, taken by Electric Conduit, which outlines some of the steps that were involved during the Tesla Supercharger construction.


Tesla-Supercharger-blueprint Tesla-Supercharger-construction Tesla-Supercharger-trenching Tesla-Supercharger-transformers Tesla-Supercharger-cabling Tesla-Supercharger-stations Tesla-Supercharger-complete Tesla-Supercharger-transformers-2


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