The Boring Company shares sneak peek of Prufrock-1 constructing the Vegas Loop Resorts World exit

(Credit: The Boring Company/Twitter)

The Boring Company (TBC) provided a sneak peek into the Vegas Loop project after the LVCC Loop’s outstanding performance during CES 2022. The tunneling company showed Prufrock-1’s progress with the Resorts World exit.

The tunneling startup shared a photo revealing the Vegas Loop’s construction status. The company also shared tidbits about Prufrock-1, the Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) the company developed to help it beat Gary the Snail. TBC’s medium-term goal for Prufrock is to exceed 1/10 of human walking speed, or about 7 miles per day.

Prufrock can porpoise directly into the surface and re-emerge once finished digging underground. According to TBC’s latest update, Prufrock-1’s maneuverability also ensures that passenger drop-offs are close to the hotel’s main entrances.

Hints of TBC’s work on the Vegas Loop’s Resorts World extension sprouted up back in July 2021. A few photos revealed Resorts World was already preparing for its Vegas Loop station. Signs around Resorts World already referred to the Vegas Loop, directing visitors to the station.

Credit: @GasOff2/Twitter

The Vegas Loop is a much bigger project compared to the LVCC Loop. The LVCC Loop system is designed for 4,400 passengers per hour with three large stations across the Las Vegas Convention Center campus. The LVCVA informed Teslarati that the LVCC Loop transported 15,000-17,000 passengers daily during CES 2022. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) also stated that the LVCC Loop had been rated as “outstanding” by both show managers and attendees of CES 2022.

In comparison, The Boring Company aims to accommodate 57,000 passengers per hour with the Vegas Loop. The more extensive tunnel will run underneath the Las Vegas Strip with 51 “medium-sized” stations in key locations, like Resorts World, the Allegiant Stadium, and the University of Nevada.

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