Ford hit with yet another F-150 Lightning production issue

Credit: Ford

Ford is grappling with another F-150 production issue shortly after addressing a minor battery fire that held up production earlier this year.

Ford’s F-150 Lighting is easily one of its most important products. Not only is it the only mass-produced electric truck from the Big Three, but it is also the Blue Oval’s foothold in a vital segment of the EV market, proving more critical to the company’s future by the day. However, as Ford continues to work to deliver the F-150 Lightning to customers as fast as possible, it has run into yet another production snag.

Initially reported by Reuters, Ford is facing a production issue regarding door handles for the F-150 Lightning. According to comments given to Reuters by an inside source, a holdup at a third-party supplier now limits truck production. Luckily for customers, Ford stated the production hiccup was minor and would be made up by the current production increase.

“While a supplier part shortage is affecting some of our North American plants, we expect to make up all of the production that is impacted,” Ford said in a comment to Reuters. Ford plans to reopen F-150 Lightning orders next week, though it remains unclear what the wait time will be for ordered units.

Hopefully, Ford will be able to tackle this production snag much faster than the previous issue, which held up production for weeks. Earlier this year, Ford was forced to halt production due to a minor battery fire at Ford’s Rouge production center.

Despite these production hurdles, America’s number two automaker remains confident in hitting its incredibly high production targets for this year and 2026. Following the end of Q1, Ford clarified that it is on track to achieve a 600,000 annual EV production capacity globally by the end of this year and a 2 million unit production capacity by 2026. Of these numbers, the F-150 Lightning will contribute 150,000 units of production by the end of this year.

By hitting these production figures, Ford’s CFO has announced that the automaker will be on track to achieve profitability for its EV unit ahead of key competitors, roughly sometime in 2025. But, as recognized by Elon Musk, this will be an uphill battle, even with Ford’s significant headstart over its traditional rivals.

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