GM reportedly cancels GMC Hummer EV EV2 base model

(Credit: GMC)

Back in October 2020, General Motors (GM) officially launched the GMC Hummer EV. The vehicle was a behemoth in both specs and size, but it was quite reasonable with a starting price of just $80,000 for its base EV2 trim. This trim, as per a recent report, has reportedly been canceled by the veteran automaker. 

During the Hummer EV’s launch, GM noted that the base EV2 trim would not be available until Spring 2024, which was over three years away at the time. The EV2 trim is not a bad vehicle for its price, as it was expected to feature two electric motors that produce 625 horsepower and 7,400 lb-ft of torque. However, its range was expected to be just 250 miles per charge and it would be absent of features like Crabwalk, adaptive air suspension, and four-wheel steering. 

Citing industry sources, GM Authority recently reported that there will be no base EV2 trim for the Hummer EV. This was not that surprising as the Hummer EV continues to be sold only in limited quantities, but it is still quite disappointing since the EV2 trim is the all-electric pickup truck’s most affordable variant. Without its EV2 trim, the Hummer EV will most likely remain a niche-focused vehicle that will likely only maintain its current production and delivery figures. 

GM noted that the Hummer EV saw a total of 2,028 deliveries over Q4 2023. Specifically, there were only 825 units of the Hummer EV pickup truck and 1,203 units of the Hummer EV SUV that were delivered to customers during the quarter. Despite its low sales over the years, the Hummer EV has attracted some attention, with the first-ever Hummer EV SUV fetching $500,000 at an auction and GM Defense unveiling a tactical version of the vehicle last June. 

The Hummer has always been considered as a vehicle that symbolizes excess, especially when it was still being sold as a combustion-powered SUV. As per observations from the EV community, it would appear that the Hummer EV is still very much the electric equivalent of its combustion-powered predecessor, with previous charging tests at an Electrify America station resulting in the all-electric pickup truck racking up a ~$100 bill from the EV charging station

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