GM Defense unveils Hummer EV-based military vehicle — complete with diesel range extender

Credit: GM Defense

At the recent Modern Day Marine 2023 expo in Washington, D.C., GM Defense unveiled a fresh concept for a tactical vehicle based on the GMC Hummer EV platform. The new vehicle, known as the Electric Military Concept Vehicle (eMCV), utilizes the same Ultium platform and drivetrain found in the retail version of the Hummer EV. 

The eMCV is a beast. In terms of power, it boasts a 200-kWh battery that powers three motors, generating an impressive 1,000 horsepower. The rear motors offer torque vectoring capabilities, while the front motor is equipped with a locking differential. Upgrades from the consumer Hummer EV include 37-inch tires paired with Fox shocks and heavy-duty brakes. The eMCV’s redesigned front and rear bumpers provide the military vehicle with better approach and departure angles as well.

The eMCV’s tube chassis and lack of body panels allow for a reduction in weight compared to the regular Hummer EV. However, these modifications negatively impact the vehicle’s aerodynamic efficiency, resulting in a decrease in range. As a result, the range drops to 300 miles from the retail Hummer EV’s 329 miles.

Primarily an electric vehicle, the eMCV features Silent Drive and Silent Watch driving modes, which enable stealthy approaches and reduced noise emissions. When connected to a fast charger with a capacity of 350 kilowatts, GM Defense estimated that around 12 minutes of charging can provide an additional 100 miles of range. However, when the need for silence is not a priority, the eMCV can also operate as a hybrid. GM Defense incorporated a 12-kW diesel generator into the vehicle, which can offer limited charging and propulsion capabilities.

The eMCV effectively brings the Hummer EV full circle, considering that the first Hummer from way back in 1992 was a consumer vehicle that was originally designed strictly for military use. Thus, in a way, the Hummer EV turned this trend upside down, as it is an all-electric consumer vehicle that could be modified for military use. 

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GM Defense unveils Hummer EV-based military vehicle — complete with diesel range extender
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