Jay Leno hauled a Tesla Semi with another Tesla Semi

Credit: Jay Leno's Garage | YouTube

Late-night talk show host Jay Leno has been known to feature Tesla’s vehicles on his YouTube channel in the past, and this week, he shared a new video in which he drives the Tesla Semi as it hauls an additional Semi. In addition to the drive, the video shows Leno talking to two of Tesla’s key employees on the Semi project, highlighting several exciting details about the electric truck.

On Monday, Leno shared the new episode on his YouTube channel Jay Leno’s Garage, during which he hauls a Tesla Semi with another Tesla Semi. He also talks to Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Senior Manager of Semi Engineering Dan Priestley about the Semi’s design and some design elements behind the truck’s creation.

The nearly 43-minute video spans a broad range of topics, notably including that the Semi offers up to 1,500 horsepower and uses the same drive inverter as the Cybertruck. Additionally, Priestley explains that the idea for an electric Semi came from former executive and current board member J.B. Straubel, who said that Tesla shouldn’t be shipping EVs with diesel trucks.

About 20 minutes into the discussion, Leno hops into the Semi’s cab with Priestley and von Holzhausen to continue the conversation. After a few minutes, von Holzhausen leaves, and Priestley and Leno head out without a trailer attached.

After a short drive, Priestley and Leno attach a trailer with the second Semi to the back, giving the two a stark comparison point to show exactly how it feels to drive while hauling. Throughout the drive, Leno notes how smooth and quick the Semi feels compared to other large trucks.

Priestley goes on to talk about several themes related to the Semi’s design, including Tesla’s hopes to woo younger truck drivers with the vehicle. He also says a main goal of Tesla’s was to increase safety by making the Semi powerful enough to keep up with traffic easily compared to normal semi-trucks. Priestley also notes that the Semi has roughly the same turn radius as a Model 3 or Model Y, with Leno demonstrating as the two perform a full U-turn at an intersection.

You can watch the full video from Jay Leno’s garage below.

In the past, Leno has also featured Tesla CEO Elon Musk on the show as the two discuss SpaceX’s Starship in a tour of the company’s Starbase headquarters in Boca Chica, Texas. He also has videos featuring the Tesla Model Y, the Model S and others, along with special features on the next-generation Roadster and his own 2008 Roadster, which Musk personally delivered.

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