Minnesota Model S owner takes a Supercharged guys trip to the Tesla factory

Tesla Minnesota Model S Electric Road Trip

Image source: Holger Schubert

Our friend sent us this great photo of his run-in (at the Barstow Supercharger station) with a Model S that was making its way from Minnesota to California.  The white Model S in this photo belongs to Lee Bakewell, member of the Minnesota Plug-in Vehicle Owners’ Circle (MNPEVOC) – a forum for Minnesota plug-in and hybrid owners to connect, share experiences and learn about PEV related topics.

Tesla Minnesota Model S Electric Road Trip

Image source: PlugInConnect

Lee, along with two other MNPEVOC members, Jukka Kukkonen and Pavel Zhuravlev, were on the ultimate supercharged guys’ trip – a trip that would take them through the newly paved LA to NY electric Supercharger highway. But unlike the recent record setting cross-country journey made by Tesla Motors, where two teams travelled across the nation in the fastest time by any electric vehicle, this trio plans to soak in the sights and sounds that each Supercharger city has to offer.

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They seem to have met some great people along the way with the most recent occurring at the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne, CA.

“We did notice that there was a really cool looking blue (not a stock color) P85 charging in next stall, but didn’t think too much about it since we were just amazed about the coolness factor of this site and the fact that we were actually finally there. But this was not all. Next I noticed a man getting out of the blue Model S to unplug the cord and recognized him as Franz von Holzhausen.” – source: PlugInConnect

Along the way Lee, Jukka and Pavel will be stopping at the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA before finally making their way up to San Francisco.

To read a first-person account of their day-to-day journey, visit PlugInConnect.


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