Porsche Boxster EV spotted charging ahead of 2025 release

Credit: Porsche

A Porsche Boxster EV test vehicle has been spotted charging, highlighting the brand’s future offerings.

It’s no secret that Porsche is working on its next-generation EV platform. With a 900-volt architecture underpinning the drivetrain, and numerous performance upgrades, many expect the premium German brand’s next generation of EVs to be an incredible leap in innovation. Along with these upgrades, a Porsche Boxster EV test vehicle shows that more of the company’s different body styles will join the Taycan sedan.

The Porsche test vehicle, which has been spotted numerous times throughout Europe, has most recently been seen charging up at an Ionity station, Photos of the convertible were then posted by @electricfelix on Twitter, showing a refreshed and more aggressive “Boxster of the future.”

For Porsche enthusiasts with the itch for an electric vehicle, your options have been incredibly limited for the longest time. While the Porsche Taycan sedan and “shooting brake” offer numerous trims and options, many have lamented the lack of an electric coupe or convertible offering; clearly, that is about to change.

Despite the incredibly revealing photos of the vehicle taken today, very little is known about the upcoming electric Boxster, but we can make some solid inferences. First and foremost, the new car will undoubtedly be based on Porsche’s forthcoming PPE platform, bringing 900-volt architecture, a new motor design, suspension upgrades, and much more to the convertible offering. Second, with the Boxster traditionally being the “budget” offering of the premium automaker, it is likely to come with a single-motor RWD offering standard, with the potential of a dual-motor AWD system available as an upgrade.

While pricing information has obviously not been released, the “entry-level” Porsche is set to start at roughly $80,000, according to numerous predictions. Further, while it remains unclear if the Boxster will proceed the Macan EV, both vehicles are expected to hit dealer lots by 2025.

But the return of Porsche’s famous convertible model line isn’t the only reason to be excited. The other Porsche test vehicle which has been making the rounds is the 718 GT4 ePerformance, a track vehicle that has been showing up at racing events around the world—potentially indicating that a true electric 911 could follow the Boxster’s introduction with even better performance.

Porsche was not immediately available for comment to Teslarati regarding its upcoming offerings.

With this innovation and numerous others coming to Porsche’s next-generation platform, the German automaker is set to introduce a showstopping lineup that could finally rival the technical prowess of current market leader, Tesla. Hopefully, this continued investment in EV technology can eventually result in a better electric vehicle ownership experience for not only sportscar drivers but also everyone else.

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