Porsche announces price increases after crushing earnings estimates

Credit: Porsche

Porsche has announced a new set of price increases alongside its incredible Q1 financial report, which crushed investor expectations.

Since the end of the pandemic, Porsche has seen nothing but success across the board. Sales have exploded, order backlogs have hit record numbers, revenue has skyrocketed, and the German performance brand is now on the cusp of dramatically increasing its EV offerings. However, while this success has been great for Porsche investors and fans, buyers have been less lucky as the automaker has increased pricing on popular models. According to statements from the Porsche CFO, more increases are on the horizon.

Porsche first increased prices in the first quarter of the year, which it believed was necessary to help combat climbing input costs and investments into vehicle development. Now, the company has seen the results of that price increase, with both revenue and profits climbing roughly 25% year-over-year (YoY) during Q1. Porsche pulled in 10.1 billion euros ($11.16 billion) in gross revenue and 1.84 billion euros ($2.03 billion) in profit, demolishing investor expectations.

It should be noted that, as reported by the company, Porsche Taycan sales took a slight dip during the first quarter of the year, down 3% YoY. Porsche executives blame supply chain snags that continue to limit the company’s EV output. Porsche expects to overcome these supply issues by the end of Q2 this year.

Seeing as consumers were unphased by the first round of price cuts, the Porsche CFO has announced that pricing will be increased between 4-8% across the model line in Europe and North America. The German executive specifically pointed out that order backlogs hit a record high during Q1, growing 18% YoY.

“Our sports car brand is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year,” says CEO Oliver Blume. “We are stronger positioned than ever before. Our products are highly sought-after by customers around the world. Our business model is flexible and robust – even in a challenging market environment. This can be credited to the entire Porsche team.”

Porsche has much to look forward to in the coming months and years. Not only is it well positioned to maximize sales of its second EV offering, the electric Macan, but with two other EV SUVs in the works, fans can look forward to an extensive library of offerings in the near future. Hopefully, for the more diehard fans, an electric 911 is just around the corner.

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