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Porsche confirms Cayenne EV and second, larger all-electric SUV

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Porsche announced two upcoming EVs at its earnings event today and revealed that it achieved record earnings during 2022.

Porsche has had a lot of great news to deliver to investors since its IPO late last year. Following Porsche’s IPO, the brand doubled down on its electrification strategy with the announcement of the Macan EV and has even become the most valuable automaker in Europe. Today’s earnings announcement was, luckily, more good news. The German brand announced that it had achieved record earnings in 2022 and revealed two new EV models, a Porsche Cayenne EV and an unnamed EV SUV placed above the Cayenne.

While some of Porsche’s EV projects, including the Macan and 718 EVs, have become well-known, little has been said about the premium automaker’s largest offering, the Cayenne. And sadly, other than the brand confirming its existence and its post-2025 launch date, very little was released. Porsche stated that the vehicle would be based on its SSP platform, but even the platform’s details remain under wraps.

The second EV Porsche announced is described as “positioned above the Cayenne,” which will likely be a larger and more luxury-oriented product compared to the Cayenne. This vehicle could compete with upcoming Land Rover EVs, an EV Cadillac Escalade, or other massive three-row electric SUVs. The release date of this second SUV was not specified, but it will likely follow the introduction of the Cayenne EV in the second half of this decade.

More details are known about the smaller upcoming electric Porsche offerings, including the Macan EV coming in 2024 and the 718 EV coming in 2025. With the details about these vehicles, estimating the specifications for both upcoming electric SUVs may be possible.

Due to the sheer size of the Cayenne and its upcoming bigger brother, we can anticipate the batteries to be used to swell well above the 100kWh size found in the upcoming Macan. Furthermore, with such massive vehicles, both will likely be offered with dual motor drive trains as a minimum, with tri or quad-motor variants potentially being used for higher trim “Turbo” versions. Finally, along with their eye-watering curb weights, many anticipate both vehicles to have jaw-dropping price tags, matching or exceeding the price of the current gas-powered Cayenne.

Outside of the announced EVs, Porsche had more good news for investors. Not only had the brand achieved record earnings, but also a record profit margin of 18%. Europe’s most valuable car maker will aim for a profit margin of 20% in the coming years. Following this good news, Porsche is considering implementing a dividend of 1 euro per share or 1.01 euros per preferred share.

Thanks to the SUV market’s sheer size and the Cayenne platform’s previous success, there is no wonder Porsche is looking to electrify it next, especially as it aims for 80% EV sales by 2030. However, by the time Porsche gets these vehicles to dealer showrooms, it remains unclear what the market landscape will look like. Hopefully, these products can continue to lure Porsche buyers and help the performance brand become more sustainable in the coming years.

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Porsche confirms Cayenne EV and second, larger all-electric SUV
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