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Porsche goes counter to industry with planned price hike

Credit: Porsche AG

Porsche has announced that it will be dramatically increasing the price of its vehicles, specifically its upcoming EVs.

Price cuts have quickly become a defining feature of the first quarter of this year. Perhaps the best example of this movement has been the Chinese market, where brands have been slashing thousands off the price of new EVs.

However, this also extends to western markets, where Tesla has initiated a downward movement.

Counterintuitively, Porsche now plans to do the exact opposite, increasing prices by 10-15 percent on some upcoming EVs, according to a report from Autocar.

The announcement of the price increase comes from the company’s CTO delivering a message to investors regarding the premium German automaker’s goal of achieving a profit margin of 20% in the coming years. Porsche reported yesterday that it had reached a record 18% profit margin last year, and it now looks to double down on those gains.

“We will see significant price increases in the middle of the year for the new model year. That will help a lot to make sure we make strong group operating margins,” said Lutz Meschke, Porsche’s Chief Finance Officer, in his message to investors. “We set ourselves a very ambitious goal when it comes to group return on sales of 17-19 percent in the mid-term, and that means we have to reach parity between BEV and ICE as soon as possible, otherwise, this forecast wouldn’t work.”

The models primarily affected by the price increase will be upcoming EVs, which will be 10-15 percent more expensive than ICE variants. This includes the Porsche Macan EV, 718 EV, Cayenne EV, and the upcoming unnamed larger electric SUV sibling of the Cayenne. Porsche’s CFO didn’t mention if these price increases will also affect the Porsche Taycan, but if the brand hopes to continue to grow profit margins, it may have no other choice.

Porsche does not believe that demand will be affected by the substantial price increase, thanks in large part to the marketing success the brand has had.

Besides the recent trend of price cuts, Porsche is technically following the long-lasting trend within the auto industry of increasing vehicle prices yearly, even if they plan to do so far more dramatically.

This price hike coincides with a peak in R&D investment from the company, primarily into EV technology and sustainable fuel production, which Porsche has become the champion of.

Strangely, the new price hike comes as the brand hopes to achieve 50 percent EV sales by 2025, which could be particularly difficult if brands like Tesla continue to cut prices and offer compelling vehicles. Furthermore, Porsche is going counter to its traditional rivals, including BMW and Mercedes, who have introduced price cuts in China and have been forced to implement similar (if less aggressive) price adjustments in western markets.

Porsche has likely gained significant confidence following its 2022 earnings report, in which it reported record earnings and continued growth of vehicle sales, up 2.6 percent compared to the previous year.

The reaction from Porsche investors has been mixed. While still elevated from its IPO price late last year, Porsche stock has fallen slightly following the announcements over the past few days. However, as Porsche has not yet instituted its price hikes, it is impossible to predict how the car market or investors will react in the long run, especially as the brand continues to grow in popularity, particularly within the enthusiast market.

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Porsche goes counter to industry with planned price hike
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