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Porsche Q1 sales soar, but Taycan production issues remain

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Porsche has released its Q1 sales report, and it’s a mixed bag for Europe’s most valuable car maker.

Despite Porsche’s limited EV offerings compared to its traditional rivals and its newest competitor, Tesla, the brand has been making headway, with sales climbing consistently quarter over quarter. According to the German automaker’s Q1 2023 sales report, that trend doesn’t seem to be changing. However, it isn’t all good news for the performance car brand.

Porsche sold 80,767 vehicles worldwide in the first quarter of the year, with 9,152 being the brand’s sole electric offering, the Porsche Taycan. Strangely, despite the company’s massive sales increase, the Taycan saw sales drop by 3%, which according to the automaker, can be attributed to continuing supply chain snags limiting the vehicle’s production.

“We are pleased with this outstanding result. It shows the strong demand for our products and the strength of our brand,” said Detlev von Platen, Executive Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Porsche. “It’s particularly pleasing that we were able to post gains in every sales region – in spite of the still volatile economic situation and limited parts availability.”

By region, Porsche sold 18,420 vehicles in Europe, an 18% increase YoY; 21,365 vehicles in China, a 21% increase; and 19,615 vehicles in North America, an astonishing 30% sales growth compared to Q1 2022.

Outside of the Taycan, Porsche had great success with its gas offerings, especially its SUV offerings, which continue to lead the brand in sales.

While some investors have shared disappointment with Porsche’s EV production, comparing Taycan sales to its competitors shows that the brand is in a significantly better place than many anticipate. Not only is the German performance brand beating out offerings from Mercedes, Audi, and BMW by order of magnitude, but some believe the company may have even outsold its most fierce electric competitor, the Tesla Model S.

During the first quarter of the year, Tesla strangely reported a dramatic dip in Model S and X sales, which amounted to just over 10,000 vehicles worldwide. And if even 15% of those sales are Model Xs, the Taycan would have outsold its Tesla Model S counterpart for the first time ever.

Porsche still has much growing to do, especially regarding its EV offerings, but today’s report should come as a warning shot to competitors. Porsche is well positioned to capitalize on its historic name, and when it finally introduces its next round of EVs, including its first electric Macan and Cayenne, it may even threaten the sales of traditional market leaders.

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Porsche Q1 sales soar, but Taycan production issues remain
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