Portable Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Portable solar powered electric vehicle charging stations are not only mobile, but fully renewable.

Getting an electric vehicle charging station installed without having to pull complex city permits, digging trenches and wiring up to the electrical grid can all be had through Envision’s new EV ARC™ (Electric Vehicle Autonomous Renewable Charger) system –  the worlds first fully autonomous, fully mobile, fully Renewable Electric Vehicle Charging station.

What’s really unique about Envision’s system is the fact that they employ panel movement technology which tracks the movement of the sun thereby increasing solar absorption and efficiency by over 25% over a conventional solar panel.

Portable Solar Powered EV Charging Station

The 2.3kW Solar Array generates approximately 16kWhrs per day, which are stored, ready for use in the 22kWhr battery storage.  Deployment time is about 5 minutes instead of several weeks for a traditional, grid tied EV charger. If the host site later prefers a different site for the charger they can simply move it. Furthermore the host will not experience any increase in utility bills caused by kWh charges or demand charges resulting from use of the chargers.

However this convenience doesn’t come without a price.  At a whopping $40,000 per unit, the EV ARC may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly something we still want on our Christmas wish list!


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